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Things to know about me:
-I come off as cold sometimes. Can't help it.
-I do not like stupid questions
-I am female (I think)
-Drawing is a HOBBY. Not my profession. I don't really listen to critiques ?? Because I don't wanna get better?? It's just for fun y'know
-Imma cartoon nut talk to me about cartoons

Good Becky.
Best moirail.

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    Now InvaderWakko just posted a journal about Animaniacs logic, and I enjoyed the theory, and it reminded me of my backstory of the Warners which I don't think ? I ever posted here. So here is ALL the info. I've thought this up over the past... 4 years? 3 years? And I've hinted at it in pictures before, which I'll throw up at the bottom of this journal.
I remember someone once read this and said to me:
So this is long, be warned.

                  ᴇᴠᴇʀyᴏɴᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ

         ωαѕ   ѕ σ м є σ η є   є ℓ ѕ є
            - B E F O R E -
          [ Did I succeed in making you proud? ]

The Warners were born like a normal human kid would be.  Their parents left Toon Town to live in the human world, and they grew up in a big fancy house there.

Soon after Dot is born, their parents become sick.  Yakko and Wakko are put in charge of caring for the baby girl when the servants are too busy.  Yakko thinks it’s his fault that his parents are sick, he doesn’t completely understand. He, Wakko and Dot have been vaccinated for the disease.  He overhears servants saying that they’re going to send himself, Wakko and Dot to some workcamp for the rest of their lives, so Yakko grabs whatever he can find and leaves with his siblings. At this point, he’s 6, Wakko is 3 and Dot is 1. So don’t blame him really for making a hasty decision.

The three lived on the streets for around a year, moving like nomads and performing a bit for money and food and such.  They were discovered by a friendly old man (who might be a relative of Otto Scratchansniff, just for fun) who took them to an orphanage. This place is run by Mrs. Peabody, who is 38 years old at this time, which is 1923.  The children there found them strange, they had ears and tails. They weren’t normal. They weren’t really made fun of, though, just stared at, until two years in, (1925) when an awful kid with a pig nose named Marc arrives. He turns the whole orphanage against them, and Yakko and Wakko fight with him while Dot hides in the next room, curled in a ball, trying not to hear any of it.  She only comes out once, when Marc socks Yakko right in the nose, causing Wakko to try to fight back, only to be held back by his older brother.  This just gives Marc more to make fun of, because Yakko bleeds ink instead of blood. Another thing he teases them about is how they can’t see in color except for their red noses.

They lived at the orphanage for 6 years, slowly growing out of their clothes and getting taller and older as normal kids do. All three grow more anxious to leave as the years pass, because in the time they were there Looney Tunes started. (Though I’m aware it was actually 1930, not the 20’s, let’s just let that ONE detail slide.) These toons inspired the Warners to write songs and perform for the other kids.

The year before they leave the orphanage (1928) they decide they want to be the Warner brothers and the Warner sister. They think it’s catchy. They don’t know their real last name. They might not have even had one.

Dot takes on a like for sewing, it’s more calming than bike riding, which she is afraid of.  She takes their old clothes and fixes them up, turning Yakko’s overalls into slacks and adding more cloth to Wakko’s old sweater.  Her baby onesie is too tiny to make into a dress, so she makes it a skirt instead. Only problem, she over estimated both the boys sizes. Wakko’s sweater is oversized and falls too low, and Yakko needs a belt to hold the pants up. They still wear them, though, out of respect for Dot.

 They wanted to follow their dreams of being cartoon stars. They still didn’t know they were really toons, yet somehow they still wanted it.  A sixth sense thing.  Yakko was mature for his age of 13, so in 1929 Mrs. Peabody (age 44) with a heavy heart, lets him go.  Not without hugs from the three first. They were at that orphanage for 6 years.  She watched them grow up.

They sneaked into Warner Brother's studios, unnoticed, late in the middle of the night.  On the lot, they run into Lon Borax, an animator, pacing under the water tower.  He is frantic, trying to come up with an idea to finish his Buddy cartoon with.  He sees the Warners, and immediately offers them a job.  They agree right away, not knowing he’s tricking them. He takes them to his office.  Wakko steals a hat from the hatstand in the room, he likes the way it looks on him. Borax gives them cartoon gloves, the Warners are surprised that they have four finger holes, most gloves don’t.  It’s like they were made to be toons. It’s like they were actually…

Borax uses an animator’s pen to suck the Warners inside, the force of it ripping off some of their clothes.  He redraws them in a frenzy, laughing like an evil maniac.  He doesn’t recall this part of the Warners creation, he’s too loony.

Being redrawn, the three were reborn as crazy toons, and will not age unless they want to. They go on to do Buddy cartoons, and everything else that is explained in the 65th anniversary special.

Then the 90’s…

Well… you know.


  • 1916-Yakko is born1919-Wakko is born. (Yakko is 3)
  • 1921-Dot is born. (Wakko is 2, Yakko is 5)
  • 1922-The Warners leave home when Yakko overhears something about them being sent away because their parents are sick. (Ages 1, 3, and 6)
  • 1923- Warners (Ages 2, 4, and 7) arrive at the Orphanage run by Ms. Peabody (Age 38)
  • 1925-Dot (Age 4) begins to wonder why they are never adopted. She watched kids come and go.  An awful kid named Marc comes to the orphange and convinces every kid that the Warners are freaks.
  • 1926-The Warners (Ages 5, 7, and 10) perform this song for the kids.  the kids finally start to like them.
  • 1927- Most the kids who liked them have left.  Marc too.  Ms. P has bought a television which Yakko Wakko and Dot are addicted to watching cartoons on. (Ages 6, 8, and 11).
  • 1928- The last name “Warner” is agreed on. Some kids tell Yakko that the cartoons aren’t real, they’re just drawings.  He doesn’t believe them.
  • 1929- Yakko (Age 13) is convinced they belong with the cartoons. He convinces Ms. P to let them leave.  The Warners realize at this point that they can’t see colour, when Ms. P asks Yakko why he is wearing a magenta bow-tie with brown pants.  They only know four colours: White, gray, black and red. The Warners are re-drawn.
  • 1930- They are locked in the tower. They discover color when the first coloured cartoon is released.
  • 1945- Ms. Peabody (Age 60) Comes to visit the Warners.  They sneak out and talk to her with ease.
  • 1960’s or so-They are let out temporarily to guest-star in cartoons.
  • 1993- The Warners bust out for real and get their own show! You know the rest :P

Some more info:

  • The young Warners ARE NOT zany.  They can tell jokes and have their normal character traits, but they do not do cartoon tricks or annoy anyone.

Because of this:

  • Dot will still use her cuteness to get what she wants but she will not jump on anyone or kiss or hug them.  She is called “kid” a lot and that’s why she starts using the word herself.
  • Wakko doesn’t hit people with mallets or drop anvils on anyone, but he is a super fast runner and can play almost all sports and carry very heavy things.  He stays in almost complete silence for the first few years of his life.  He’s the most quiet around Marc. Also the most aggressive.
  • Yakko is still the talker, but he won’t make pop culture references.  He still leads his siblings and reads a lot of books.  His comebacks may not be as refined as his modern self.  He has less experience.  But he can still persuade anyone.

  • Again, the Warners can only see in black and white, excluding their noses.  Their noses are just weird.
  • Even though I refer to them as the Warners, that’s not their last name at first.  None of them remember the real one, not even Yakko.

30s Style Warners by Minkerdoodle Tumblr Dump # whatever by Minkerdoodle 
(the drawings of the ages of the Warners)

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